Why Pursue a Master in International Business Administration?

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Interested in business at a global level? A Master in International Business Administration might be the perfect degree for you! Find out why you should pursue this master’s degree, get to know what it is all about, the career paths you’ll have and more, here. 

Our world is more connected than ever before. This connection is made possible by globalization and international relationships, which entangle people, companies and governments alike beyond the geographical boundaries of the different countries of the world.

This tendency for countries to connect with each other in many different aspects is estimated to become tighter and tighter, and the business world is not an alien to this trend.

Interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Business?

For those interested in pursuing a career in the competitive world of business, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest qualifications and developments within the profession. 

In today’s interconnected world, if business professionals want to stay relevant, they are required to understand the world in an international context. More and more companies are looking for professionals who are able to solve cross-cultural business problems and think on a global scale

How can business professionals keep up to date with this trend? With a Master’s degree in International Business Administration

What is International Business Administration (IBA)?

The function of International Business Administration is pretty self-explanatory. It’s basically the same as Business Administration but at an international level. 

IBA is the management of business operations in any organization that operates in more than one country. For this reason, the need for an international set of skills, rather than management skills within national borders, is stressed here. 

International Business Administration is a multidisciplinary area of business, because it covers the needs of all businesses by introducing the foundations of finance, marketing, supply chain management, human resources and operations, among many other important areas within companies.

What will I learn in a Master in International Business Administration?

If you are interested in pursuing this master’s degree, you can expect to gain an international view of businesses and how they operate.

Those who pursue this master’s degree develop a deep insight into global challenges that companies face on a daily basis, acquire the tools necessary to negotiate with different cultures, learn how trade, international boundaries and global economies work, among many other important aspects of international business.

Reasons to pursue a Master in International Business Administration

Master in International Business Administration graduates are highly sought after by companies that want to succeed at an international level. This high demand, together with the knowledge and skills they develop during their studies, brings about several benefits for these professionals, which are only a few of the reasons why you should consider pursuing this Master’s degree:

  1. It gives them job security
  2. They enjoy high compensation due to the importance of their job
  3. It enables them to pursue a wide range of positions in the business world.
  4. They have plenty of opportunities to advance their careers.
  5. They can live a comfortable life and have a dynamic and exciting career that helps both themselves and the companies they work for thrive.

Students of these master’s degrees develop a wide range of transferable skills and are prepared to meet the demands of companies from international management or consulting roles. They do research, plan, present, and report their findings to make sure companies thrive in the international sphere. 

Job Opportunities for Master in International Business Administration Graduates

These professionals’ scope is quite broad because they have a wide range of career roles they can choose from once they graduate, including:

  • Finance Controller
  • International Finance Manager
  • Management Analyst/Consultant
  • International Business Development Manager
  • International Trader
  • Export Coordinator

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