Expert Advice: Start College Admissions Early

Monday, June 29, 2020

High school students should start taking these two small steps as early as sophomore year to begin the long college admissions process that awaits them.

College admissions processes can be quite competitive. There is, however, no need to over stress especially if you start the process earlier.

What can high school students do during their sophomore year?

High school sophomores can begin to form a positive relationship with their high school guidance counselor.

High school juniors and seniors rely on guidance counselors for help with tasks like choosing courses that show college readiness, registering for the ACT or SAT and perfecting their college application.

This can be done by first scheduling a meeting with a guidance counselor as soon as possible. Students should introduce themselves and begin to reflect on their college admissions goals.

Students can also talk to their counselors about enrolling for the PreACT or PSAT.

Start touring college and university campuses. Do not worry if this may have to be done online this year.

Start exploring potential colleges and universities whenever you can. Even a quick visit can give you insight into what college life looks like.

Naturally, in-person campus visits tend to be preferred as they let students know if the higher education institution seems like a good fit. However, in times of COVID-19, it is probably best to stick to online campus tours and virtual information sessions. Many top colleges and universities have virtual tours available online for prospective students to take advantage of.

Start asking if Online College might be right for you!

Several top colleges and best universities in the country offer 100% online bachelor's degree programs. If the flexibility and independence of a fully online bachelor's degree program seems appealing to a high school student, we suggest that they start discussing options as soon as possible with guidance counselors and parents. 

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